The Digital Black Atlantic, which I co-edited with Kelly Baker Josephs for the Debates in the Digital Humanities series (University of Minnesota Press), was published in 2021.

As digital humanities has expanded in size and scope, a growing number of scholars have explored the affordances of digital humanities for preserving cultural memory; connecting communities; and analyzing the literary, historical, and cultural production of the African diaspora. Yet, there is currently a significant gap in scholarship that theorizes and analyzes the intellectual scope and foundations of this work. This volume responds to the need to examine key debates and tensions that emerge as more scholars of the African diaspora engage with and challenge digital humanities methods and praxis. We position this volume on the “digital black Atlantic” as a transnational one that centers both digital humanities approaches to the African diaspora and African diasporic approaches to digital humanities. Scholarship in the volume blends theory and method while shedding light on the current debates driving scholarship of the digital black Atlantic.

Contributors to the volume include Abdul Alkalimat, Alexandrina Agloro, Suzan Alteri, Paul Barrett, Michal Bojanowski, Sayan Bhattacharya, Agata Bloch, Sonya Donaldson, Anne Donlon, Laurent Dubois, Amy Earhart, Schuyler Esprit, Demival Vasques Filho, David K. Garner, Alex Gil, Kaiama Glover, Fox Harrell, Hélène Huet, Mary Caton Lingold, Angel David Nieves, Danielle Olson, Tunde Opeibi, Jamila Moore Pewu, Anne Rice, Sercan Şengün, Janneken Smucker, Laurie N. Taylor, and Toniesha Taylor.

Link: The Digital Black Atlantic