The Reanimate advisory board has been carefully selected to include scholars, librarians, and platform developers who bring rich experience with recovery projects and digital humanities initatives as well as expertise in media studies, African diaspora studies, digital publishing, and platform development.

Catherine Ahearn, PubPub and MIT Knowledge Futures
Gabriela Baeza Ventura, University of Houston and Arte Público Press
Adrian Driscoll, Goldsmiths Press
Karen Estlund, Pennsylvania State University
Alex Gil, Columbia University Libraries
Matthew Gold, CUNY Graduate Center
Sarah Kember, Goldsmiths Press
Trevor Muñoz, Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
Zita Nunes, University of Maryland, College Park
Travis Rich, Pub Pub and MIT Knowledge Futures
Roopika Risam, Salem State University
Terence Smyre, Manifold, University of Minnesota Press
Carol Stabile, University of Oregon
Catherine Knight Steele, University of Maryland, College Park
Carolina Villarroel, University of Houston
Kristen Warner, University of Alabama
Mary Helen Washington, University of Maryland, College Park
Laurie Avant Woodard, The City College of New York